Young people singing worship songs in the streets of Thailand


We’re heading to the Sunday walking street market when we heard a familiar Christian song. We looked at each other, surprised. We did not know that it could be possible to set up a band and do a little concert in the busy streets of the old city (Is it legal? Can we do something like this? Do we need permits or approval from the government?). Continue reading


Bohemian Fashion in Thailand.

If you happened to stroll inside the moat of Chiang Mai’s old city, you would see a lot of foreigners wearing this colorful printed harem pants, or elephant printed skirts, and a hand-made cotton button up shirts. I appreciate not only the way they look artistically, but It really identifies the bohemian fashion for this lifestyle aspects. Thais call it กางเกงฮาเร็มkang keng harem.” Plus they have accessories that are made of wood, feathers, stones and strings. If you want some add-ons, you might want to try completing the look with some metallic feather tattoos to get the boho vibes.  Continue reading


Porn industry makes a lot of money and we are its consumer. “No no no, that’s wrong, I don’t watch porn,” you may say, but this kind of thing already creeped even into the smallest unit that makes up our society – FAMILY. I’ll tell you why porn makes everyone a consumer even if you haven’t watched one. Continue reading

Two years without social media and the things I’ve learned.

With our society’s fast growing demands, our lives also deemed to rush in order for us to catch up. With our fondness of the internet’s social community, we can’t anymore afford to have a slow internet connection nor a non-instgramable photos. People, mostly the millennials, can’t live their lives without social media.

“For millennials like me, it is not anymore a want, but a need.”

Continue reading

Living life fully alive.

Life gets boring sometimes. And we don’t really know the cause of why we feel it. Perhaps, our lifestyle is patterned and routined, or we are stuck in a career that we don’t enjoy anymore, or we are simply limited in trying new experiences, or the most painful one, no money to be happy. Continue reading