Young people singing worship songs in the streets of Thailand


We’re heading to the Sunday walking street market when we heard a familiar Christian song. We looked at each other, surprised. We did not know that it could be possible to set up a band and do a little concert in the busy streets of the old city (Is it legal? Can we do something like this? Do we need permits or approval from the government?). Continue reading

A note to the Graduates. You are nothing.


Did you know that not everyone will be looking at you on graduation day? To be able to ‘march’ by March is just but a moment and you are simply a statistic along with all who will graduate this Academic Year. The world could care less if you made it or not. It is more concerned about making more profit and it waits for you to add to consumerism as you already are, and continually be a part of its many vicious cycles and clichés. Its far too fond of itself to be concerned with you. It will always grab for the ‘best’ meat and the ‘cream of the crop’ and devour till it can serve its insatiable appetite no longer. So, no matter what degree you got or whatever acheivement you now posses will prove irrelevant to this world that demands faster, if not INSTANT results. It demands a production rate at clockwork accuracy like robots and barely human. It demands produce and could care less if you have learned anything at all. You’re just a stat, a number & a tool. Continue reading

Bohemian Fashion in Thailand.

If you happened to stroll inside the moat of Chiang Mai’s old city, you would see a lot of foreigners wearing this colorful printed harem pants, or elephant printed skirts, and a hand-made cotton button up shirts. I appreciate not only the way they look artistically, but It really identifies the bohemian fashion for this lifestyle aspects. Thais call it กางเกงฮาเร็มkang keng harem.” Plus they have accessories that are made of wood, feathers, stones and strings. If you want some add-ons, you might want to try completing the look with some metallic feather tattoos to get the boho vibes.  Continue reading

Travel tip: Affordable and accessible food in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I met other foreigners here in Chiang Mai and some of them are vegetarians or vegans. So I asked them if they don’t eat Thai food that is made of animal meat or dairies. They said they have to break their diet. One of them verbalized, “When you travel to other countries, you’ve got to eat their food. It is shameful if the locals will offer you food and you’ll not eat it, it’s rude. So I have to stop my current diet.

So yeah, let’s eat Thai food. For 6 months of staying here in Chiang Mai, I had scouted locations of markets where we can have good and delicious Thai food. Concerning the factors that contributed my list, I only considered 3 main categories: price, taste, and accessibility. Therefore I won’t include those that are located away from the main city although it is also delicious and cheap. Nothing beats their mouth watering street food and I will include on where you can buy ’em here.  Continue reading


Porn industry makes a lot of money and we are its consumer. “No no no, that’s wrong, I don’t watch porn,” you may say, but this kind of thing already creeped even into the smallest unit that makes up our society – FAMILY. I’ll tell you why porn makes everyone a consumer even if you haven’t watched one. Continue reading

Two years without social media and the things I’ve learned.

With our society’s fast growing demands, our lives also deemed to rush in order for us to catch up. With our fondness of the internet’s social community, we can’t anymore afford to have a slow internet connection nor a non-instgramable photos. People, mostly the millennials, can’t live their lives without social media.

“For millennials like me, it is not anymore a want, but a need.”

Continue reading

A stranger’s archive: a nurse at Tennessee. 

Back when I was still in the Philippines working as a nurse in a pediatric ward, I had a mentor named Chariss. I addressed her as Ms. Cha. She’s one of the best nurses that I’ve known and she taught me a lot of things while working in the hospital. One of the things that I’ve learned from her is about GRACE UNDER PRESSURE.  Continue reading

A day with a vet and the things I’ve learned. 

Chiang Mai, Thailand. Last Friday, we are supposed to stay in our tourist house all morning, but our Thai friend Dr. Maew who is a veterinarian called and invited us if we could come with her to do a home service. She’s a few of the vets in Chiang Mai that does home services like vaccination, surgery, and other stuffs that is related to taking care of animals, especially dogs and cats.
Her clinic is at San Sai district which is the northern area of Chiang Mai. But as a home service vet, she has to go anywhere in Chiang Mai to meet her clients. So for today we went to Mae Wang district. It is the southern district heading to Doi Inthanon(click to see the video) which is very far from her place. Continue reading

Into the heights: DOI INTHANON.

Almost 2 hours ride going south from Chiang Mai center is the highest peak of Thailand. Soaring up to 2565m above sea level, it is located at Chong Thong district, and this mountain is a cousin of the Himalayas. Doi Inthanon is also known as “The Roof of Thailand,” basically because it is the highest mountain in the country. Continue reading